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Child’s Play Communications will pitch our spokesperson — TV personality, mom and kids’ product expert Joey Fortman — for live TV segments on the latest in tech products for kids and families. The segments will feature no more than 6 products—meaning each brand will get plenty of visibility.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Child’s Play offers a money back guarantee: If we book fewer than 3 segments, we will refund that percentage of your money. No kidding!

To make this Holiday TV Tour happen, we need a minimum of 6 companies to participate.

Total cost per company: $3,000.

That’s $1,000 for each placement in our minimum of 3 markets, and just $600 each if we generate segments in 5!

And these are TV shows in the TOP 20 MARKETS!

What do you think? If you’d like to take part, please let us know NO LATER THAN Friday, September 29, at [email protected] or (212) 488-2060 x 11. Details below.


How will this benefit my brand? Let me count the ways!

  • Consumer exposure for your brand/product just in time for holiday shopping
  • Key messages about your brand conveyed by a credible, experienced, mom-friendly spokesperson
  • Major market reach – the larger the market, the more people will be watching the show live or checking the website and/or social channels

Which markets will you book? We’re targeting 3-5 of the top 20 markets. We won’t know final markets until we hear back from the producers, but the holiday tour stops will definitely be among the 20 largest in the country.

What if you can’t book at least 3 markets? Highly unlikely, but if we book only 2, you get one third of your money back. If we book only one, you get two-thirds of your money back. The math is very straightforward, and bottom line, you have nothing to lose.

What will the segment consist of? All of the participating products (one per company) will be displayed on set. Our spokesperson will share the name/brand and up to 3 key features of each product while showing it on camera. Where appropriate (not all stations permit this) she will note pricing and retail availability.

Why is this better than other holiday media options? So many reasons!

  • Because it’s so visual, TV is great for demonstrating product value—especially for connected products, so consumers can see movement, flashing lights, etc.
  • Because we “own” the spokesperson, she is expected to mention all key points and include all products—which won’t necessarily happen if a segment is conducted by an anchor or someone not trained in what makes the brand special

OK, what is this going to cost me? A grand total of $3,000 for 3-5 placements. Or to put it another way, from $600 to $1,000 per major market.

  • This is MUCH less than you’d pay if you worked with a spokesperson on your own
  • Also MUCH less than the $10,000-$15,000 you’d pay for a canned Satellite Media Tour


Joey Fortman, 20+ year on-air radio/TV vet, turned MOM, took her career to a whole different dimension when she left the full-time radio business in 2008 to bring her story to life online. Joey started Real Mom Media & Reality Moms to give women a real place to be themselves.  Reality Moms share stories of motherhood through all walks of life. Joey is a contributor to many digital outlets including Quirky Momma & Kids Activities Blog where she hosts a travel/tech & toy show to over 3.2 million fans.  Aside from Reality Moms, Joey has taken her voice to Good Morning America, Today Show, Dr. Oz, NickMom, The Talk, Dr. Phil, Fox & Friends and so many more, and has worked with Child’s Play Communications to demonstrate family tech products on numerous occasions.