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Posts tagged with ‘FTC’

  • FTC Guidelines Launch Dec. 1

    By Stephanie Azzarone on November 30, 2009
    After all the sturm and drang initially surrounding the threat of  FTC guidelines for bloggers, the sentiment on the day before they are scheduled to go into effect seems to be: “no big deal.”  Bloggers worth their weight long ago began posting disclosure policies, some in anticipation of Dec. 1, others even before. At Child’s Play Communications, we have specifically asked our […]
  • It’s Official: FTC Regulates Momosphere

    By Stephanie Azzarone on October 12, 2009
    I felt no need to rush to post  on last week’s revised FTC guidelines. The momosphere has been so preoccupied with them for seemingly so long now, their formal announcement felt more like overdue confirmation than breaking news.  For anyone who has somehow missed the turmoil of the preceding months, the FTC has now updated the guidelines for consumer endorsements […]
  • Mom Blogs Beat Ads

    By Stephanie Azzarone on September 8, 2009
    I was delighted to be quoted in last week’s Computerworld blog titled, “Why K”NEX brands loves mommy blogs.” The author talked about how toy companies such as K’NEX Brands value working with mom bloggers. In the article, K’NEX chief marketing officer Barbara Rentschler is quoted as saying “We raise awareness much more with mom blogs than we did with advertising.” In the story, […]
  • Blogger Reviews Blues

    By Stephanie Azzarone on April 20, 2009
    Here’s news to tickle the hearts of marketers and mom bloggers alike: the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering holding mom bloggers liable for product reviews. What? Allow this reporter-turned-publicist to point out that never in the history of journalism have traditional media been held responsible for reviewing products. So what possible justification can there be for mommy bloggers to […]