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Posts tagged with ‘Public Relations’

  • Let’s Party! A Successful Special Event Can Be a Blast for Your Brand

    By Stephanie Azzarone on October 10, 2017
      Hosting a special event – for consumers and/or media — can be an engaging and effective way to generate attention to and excitement about a brand. Child’s Play Communications has been responsible for developing a variety of attention-getting events – from intimate blogger parties to our own annual Kids’ & Family Tech Expo to the 20th Anniversary celebration for […]
  • Brands, Bucks and Mom Bloggers: The Social Media Mom-Space Matures

    By Stephanie Azzarone on September 19, 2011
    Last week, I had the opportunity to publish an article in PR News, a leading publication for the public relations industry. The story was written to bring the PR community up to speed on how brands and mom bloggers  can work most effectively together today — and to illustrate how that interaction has changed. As only PR News  subscribers can access the original link, […]
  • Welcome to our New Clients!

    By Stephanie Azzarone on July 18, 2011
    A new client is a wonderful thing, and we’d like to welcome three of them to the Child’s Play Team: Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for children from birth through age 7 and the adults who love them. The company pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes […]
  • We’re Going to Toy Fair!

    By Stephanie Azzarone on February 13, 2011
    It’s not quite Disneyland, but the annual Toy Fair — starting today — in New York City generates its own high-pitched version of child-like fun and excitement. For the past 20 years or so, I’ve joined the crowd cramming the aisles of this much anticipated event which introduces the toys that will land on moms’ must-have lists come the holiday […]
  • How to Pitch Mommy Bloggers

    By Stephanie Azzarone on November 19, 2009
    Any of you who are regular readers know that Child’s Play Communications hosted it second annual Bloggers Brunch last week and that the event featured a panel presentation titled, “What Does a Mommy Blogger Want?” My plan was to review the video of the presentation and summarize some tips — but one of the bloggers in attendance did such a […]
  • Bloggers Brunch Blast: Year 2

    By Stephanie Azzarone on November 11, 2009
    We did it! We held our second annual Bloggers Brunch earlier today and based on the feedback from guests and sponsors alike, I think we can say that a good time was had by all! Thanks so much to everyone who joined us for this special event. The Bloggers Brunch, held at a private club in New York City, was […]
  • Tips for Pitching Mommy Blogs

    By Stephanie Azzarone on September 22, 2009
    I was delighted to share an audioconference panel on marketing to mom bloggers last week with four top blogger moms: Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Picks, Liz Thompson of This Full House, Christine Young of From Dates to Diapers and Beyond! and Renee Aka Mekhishom of Cutie Bootie Cakes. The presentation, hosted by Bulldog Reporter’s PR University, was designed to share best practices.  […]
  • BAD, BAD Mommy Blogger, Redux

    By Stephanie Azzarone on September 16, 2009
    Last week, on the blog Everything PR, Phil Butler posted a rant on the subject of mommy bloggers. Apparently it was sparked by a news release he saw about tomorrow’s Bulldog Reporter PR University audio conference on pitching mommy bloggers. I am speaking on that panel, as a publicist who has successfully worked with this audience for the past few […]
  • 2nd Annual Bloggers Brunch is Nov. 11!

    By Stephanie Azzarone on September 14, 2009
    There are 21 million moms engaged in social media on at least a weekly basis, and about 11.5 million of them are writing, reading and/or commenting on blogs. On Wednesday, November 11, in New York City, Child’s Play Communications will hold its second annual Bloggers Brunch, an opportunity for companies to connect directly with leading mom bloggers in an intimate […]
  • Mom Blogs Beat Ads

    By Stephanie Azzarone on September 8, 2009
    I was delighted to be quoted in last week’s Computerworld blog titled, “Why K”NEX brands loves mommy blogs.” The author talked about how toy companies such as K’NEX Brands value working with mom bloggers. In the article, K’NEX chief marketing officer Barbara Rentschler is quoted as saying “We raise awareness much more with mom blogs than we did with advertising.” In the story, […]