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Posts tagged with ‘Publicity’

  • Let’s Party! A Successful Special Event Can Be a Blast for Your Brand

    By Stephanie Azzarone on October 10, 2017
      Hosting a special event – for consumers and/or media — can be an engaging and effective way to generate attention to and excitement about a brand. Child’s Play Communications has been responsible for developing a variety of attention-getting events – from intimate blogger parties to our own annual Kids’ & Family Tech Expo to the 20th Anniversary celebration for […]
  • BAD, BAD Mommy Blogger, Redux

    By Stephanie Azzarone on September 16, 2009
    Last week, on the blog Everything PR, Phil Butler posted a rant on the subject of mommy bloggers. Apparently it was sparked by a news release he saw about tomorrow’s Bulldog Reporter PR University audio conference on pitching mommy bloggers. I am speaking on that panel, as a publicist who has successfully worked with this audience for the past few […]
  • Blogger Blackout

    By Stephanie Azzarone on July 20, 2009
      Over the past several days, the big news in the momosphere has been all about the upcoming “PR Blackout” — a movement instigated by a blogger who runs a mom blog review network, to encourage all mom bloggers to take a “vacation” the week of August 10 – during which they will refuse to do any product reviews, and […]
  • Kids Today Conference

    By Stephanie Azzarone on February 27, 2009
      On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Kids Today conference in San Antonio, on how companies in the children’s home furnishings industry can – and should – work with mommy bloggers to market products. There was, happily, clear interest in the topic, meaning these manufacturers and retailers alike understand the influence bloggers have on the community […]
  • Wonder Woman!

    By Stephanie Azzarone on February 19, 2009
      Earlier this week, I was honored to be named the winner of the Wonder Women of Toys Award, in the Consultant category – and I’d like to share the good news along with a big thank you to all the judges. The awards are sponsored by Women in Toys, a professional networking organization for women working within the toy, […]
  • Myth and the Mommy Blogger

    By Stephanie Azzarone on January 19, 2009
    Mommy bloggers have become so celebrated that a multitude of myths are wafting up around them. On Friday, Jessica Smith posted a great piece called the Top 10 Misconceptions About Mommy Bloggers on Mashable. From my own experience both as a marketer and a blogger, I couldn’t resist commenting below on some of the misconceptions she addresses:   ·         Mommy […]
  • Out of the Mouths of Moms

    By Stephanie Azzarone on December 8, 2008
    Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a terrific mom-blog presentation here in NYC, featuring a panel that included representatives of Mom Trends, Mom in the City, The Voice of Mom,  Savvy Mommy and Mom Central. The group discussed why they began blogging, the best and worst pitches they’ve received from publicists, and dos and don’ts for working with […]
  • Bloggers Brunch Blast

    By Stephanie Azzarone on November 11, 2008
    Today marked the launch of the very first Child’s Play Communications Bloggers Brunch, an exciting, invitation-only special event exclusively for mom-focused online media.  Held at the elegant Williams Club, just off Madison Ave in New York City, the gathering was designed to thank our favorite mommy bloggers for working with Child’s Play over the years and to introduce them to […]
  • We love moms

    By Stephanie Azzarone on November 4, 2008
    We love moms.   We are moms, we work and play with moms, and for two decades we’ve helped companies market to moms. In fact, Child’s Play Communications was the first agency to specialize in publicity and marketing communications for products and services targeted to this incredibly powerful and influential market.  Since then, we’ve connected our clients with moms through […]