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Posts tagged with ‘Smartphones’

  • Smart Moms and Smartphones Make the Season Jolly and Bright

    By Stephanie Azzarone on December 11, 2014
    Retailers and marketers have caught on that mobile devices are the most effective way to reach consumers — especially busy moms – this holiday season. A number of recent articles recognize the increasing reliance on mobiles and how sophisticated, savvy moms use them. One recent article points to a dramatic surge in pre-Black Friday shopping as consumers began searching for […]
  • Smartphones: Moms’ Shopping Tool?

    By Stephanie Azzarone on May 16, 2011
    To what degree do moms use use their smartphones for shopping?  According to the (debatable) results of a recent survey, when it comes to hitting the mall, a smartphone is a mom’s best friend. A survey by Greystripe, a mobile ad firm, showed that: The most frequent smartphone use when shopping was to locate the nearest store (about 45%) The next most […]
  • Smartphone Samurai

    By Stephanie Azzarone on April 1, 2011
    Moms can’t live without their smartphones, according to recent research by BabyCenter. In fact, moms’  adoption of smartphones has increased 64% over the past two years, and 51% of moms report that they are “addicted” to smartphones. The survey looked at 5,000 moms across the U.S. Following are some key findings: More than half said they bought a smartphone “as a direct […]
  • Smartphones, Moms + Ads Don’t Mix

    By Stephanie Azzarone on October 19, 2009
    About 721,000 moms ages 25-44 own an iPhone, according to M:Metrics. But apparently, they’re not using it to check out ads. According to mobile marketing shop Brand In Hand, and based on trials as well as the company’s experience in more than 60 mobile campaigns over the past two years, women 19-49 consistently performed the worst on measures of mobile web advertising engagement. […]