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Nov. 22, 2015: Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play app is super fun: New Mommy Bliss
Nov. 20, 2015: Arckit featured in Austin American-Statesman’s local Black Friday Specials
Nov. 14, 2015: Fox 29 features ASTRA’s products for Neighborhood Toy Store Day
Nov. 14, 2015: Chicago Tribune promotes Neighborhood Toy Store Day and ASTRA’s best toys
Nov. 13, 2015: San Diego Family lists Youth Digital among “The Hottest Computer and Video Games for the Holidays!”
Nov. 13, 2015: Newsday says Youth Digital is “amazing tool to create your own Minecraft server”
Nov. 13, 2015: ASTRA’s best toys and Neighborhood Toy Store Day featured in Newsday
Nov. 13, 2015;  Youth Digital will be a big player in teaching kids coding: Exitevent
Nov. 12, 2015: WCIU reports on Neighborhood Toy Store Day featuring ASTRA best toy award-winning products
Nov 12, 2015: Kidscreen: Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play offers live-video integration
Nov. 12, 2015: Marketing Trendz: Captain McFinn & Friends Anti-Bullying Campaign Gets Digital Makeover
Nov. 1, 2015: Geek Dad:’Learn With Homer’ Teaches Essential Reading Skills
Oct. 22, 2015: The Sugar Goblin inspires kids to exchange their candy for fun pranks and presents: Momma Lew
Oct.22, 2015: The Sugar Goblin helps parents limit candy intake on Halloween: ABCs and Garden Peas
Oct. 16, 2015: Learn with Homer uses the latest science on how children learn to read: The Homeschool Village
Oct. 16, 2015: Learn With Homer can increase early reading scores: A Spectacled Owl
Oct. 15, 2015: Fast Company gives the nod to Youth Digital’s Minecraft mods
Sept. 28, 2015: BoingBoing: Son Inspired by Youth Digital’s Minecraft Server Design 1
Sept. 28, 2015: Modern Mom writes about Youth Digital
Sept. 25, 2015: Youth Digital Featured in Yahoo! Tech
Sept. 8, 2015: Yahoo! Parenting gives the “inside story” on Raggedy Ann centennial
Aug. 27, 2015: Aurora’s Iconic Raggedy Ann Centennial Doll featured in
Aug. 18, 2015: Fox News reports on Youth Digital’s Minecraft Server Design
Aug. 11, 2015: Youth Digital ‘Minecraft’ Server Design highlighted in Geek Dad
July 19, 2015: Legacy DJ app featured in USA Today
July 8, 2015: Youth Digital Server Design 1 reviewed in CoolMomTech