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Team Mom

Welcome to Team Mom!

Team Mom is an award-winning division of Child’s Play Communications, specialist in publicity and marketing communications for products and services designed for kids and moms.

Team Mom membership is open exclusively to a select group of leading mom bloggers who have been recognized for voicing their opinions thoughtfully and honestly. Members become “the first on the (virtual) block” to have access to the hottest new toys and other great children’s products and services – as well as products and services designed for moms.

Moms, when you join Team Mom, your only obligation will be to periodically receive free products — or visit links we will provide — test them out, then write a blog post about your experience within two weeks of receiving them. Any products are yours to keep.

Please note: Not all Team Mom members will receive information on every Team Mom project.

Interested: To join, simply complete the short application below and return it to us. If you meet our selection criteria, we will notify you of your Team Mom enrollment and begin sending you products and services to review.


What are the selection criteria for joining Team Mom?
We select Team Mom bloggers based on criteria such as reach, blogging frequency, and writing style.

How often will I receive products?
We realize that you are a busy, hard-working mom, and don’t have tons of time to test an endless stream of products. Team Mom will send product samples or links never more than three times a month.

Do I need to write a review of every product I receive?
Team Mom does not send unsolicited products. If you requested a product, we ask that you write a review. Of course, if a product conflicts with your personal beliefs, you are in no way obligated to write about it. And we do understand if personal circumstances cause you to miss a post – just let us know, please, so we’re clear that you want to remain part of the team.

I used to be part of Team Mom but I noticed that I am no longer receiving updates. Did I get removed from the team?
If members have become unresponsive and/or are no longer blogging frequently, they can be removed from Team Mom. If this is not the case and you were accidentally removed, please accept our sincerest apologies. To rejoin Team Mom, please fill out a new application below. Please note that by filling out the application, you are not automatically a member of Team Mom. You will receive a separate notification when your membership becomes official.

Do I need to disclose that I have been given product for review?
In response to Federal Trade Commission guidelines, all Team Mom bloggers are required to disclose when they are reviewing a sample providing by Team Mom. We recommend the following wording: “A sample of Product X has been provided for review by Team Mom and (name of manufacturer).” Per the FTC, disclosure must appear before a link or hyperlink.

How soon after receiving the product must I post my review?
We ask that you post your review no more than two weeks after receiving the product. In the event that you are unable to post a review in that time frame, please alert the Team Mom program director.

Will I get paid for my reviews?
Not typically. We want to ensure that members of Team Mom provide us with 100% honest, unbiased reviews. However, as thanks for your involvement we will periodically hold Team Mom sweepstakes, automatically entering you and other Team Mom members for a chance to win fun, fabulous, “just for you” prizes. Furthermore, Team Moms who post frequently will get ‘first dibs’ on opportunities such as invitations to special events and compensated Blogger Ambassador programs when available. Note: To be considered for Blogger Ambassador programs, please submit a screenshot of your UVM’s via the application form below.

Can I recommend other bloggers for Team Mom membership?

Am I obligated to display the Team Mom button on my site?
We hope that you will celebrate your place on the Team Mom roster by displaying the Team Mom button on your site. Display is encourage, but not required.

Online Application Form:
Team Mom Online Application — click here!

For more information, contact:
Jennifer Krosche, Director
Team Mom
Child’s Play Communications
[email protected]

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